The primary objectives of the AROGYA study include leveraging interdisciplinary expertise to decode the physiological and molecular mechanisms driving the premature aging of the immune system, known as immune aging. The project focuses on developing innovative therapeutic strategies for age-associated diseases, with particular attention to individuals living with HIV (PWH).

  1. Create and apply innovative technologies for isolating, detecting, and profiling single cells, enhancing high-throughput basic and translational research.
  2. Establish a frame of reference to identify new biomarkers of immune aging through proteotranscriptomic studies of specific cell subsets, which could be pivotal for clinical interventions.
  3. Detect changes in metabolic patterns that offer therapeutic opportunities to intervene in the immune aging process through metabolic manipulation.
  4. Confirm the new biomarkers discovered in -omics studies and elucidate the cellular mechanisms underlying immune aging in PWH.

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Christina Sundqvist 2024-01-12